Street Dancer 3D new song: Varun Dhawan in Dua Karo will remind you of Chunar

Varun Dhawan in Dua Karo from Street Dancer 3D.

Dua Karo, a new song from Street Dancer 3D reminds us of Chunar from ABCD 2. The film stars Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and Nora Fatehi in the lead.

Despite the similarities, this slow number is in sharp contrast to the previous songs released by the makers. While the Garmi song and Illegal weapon 2.0 are perfect for your house party playlist, this quieter, melodious song could be your go-to option when you’re reading a book or just chilling at home.

he makers of Street Dancers 3D have just released a new track from the upcoming Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and Nora Fatehi-starrer. Apart from Arijit Singh’s powerful vocals, the song also stands out because it reminds us of Chunar from ABCD 2 very strongly.

The song starts off with a misunderstanding – Aparshakti Khurana and Varun are seen getting into a brawl on a bus, and the very next scene shows Varun and Dharmesh get into an argument. As a visibly hurt Varun walks away leaving Dharmesh and Nora behind, Arijit Singh’s voice fills the background and the song starts to play.

Much like Chunar from ABCD 2, Dua Karo also shows Varun channelling his rage into dancing. The beats of the song are perfect for a contemporary-style dance number, again like Chunar. And both songs feature Varun shirtless, in case anyone wants to know.

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