Storfilm resten af året…

De største film vi kan vente i 2014…

Eid Film: KICK med Salman Khan

BANG BANG med Hrithik Roshan

DiwaliFilm: HAPPY NEW YEAR med Shah Rukh Khan

Julefilm: PK med Aamir Khan


Vi holder løbende vores publikum orienteret…

2 Responses to Storfilm resten af året…

  1. STOR tak på forhånd for et vildt-spændende og sprængfyldt film-program for resten af det spændende år, som man næsten ikke kan vente på takket være danske Desiworld 😀 (Y)

  2. Monica Ibrahimi

    I’m Monica Ibrahimi , and I am 25 years old and I am from Afghanistan , and now I live in Denmark , and I have lived in Denmark for 10 years.
    My mother and father died when I was 2 years, so I have never seen my family and dont know who they are. I live all alone in the world, in Denmark.
    I don’t know if my name is real, because I don’t know my family and have never seen my family.
    I was raised by a painful family, I didn’t know them, or why I was send to them. They beat my up by kicking, burn marks on my body and used my for cooking and cleaning. I did anything to get away from that evil family, because I felt all alone in the world, and cried every day.
    UN found me and sent me to Denmark, where I live today.
    I have a big wish to meet Salman Khan, because when I was a little girl I always dreamed about meeting Salman Khan one day. I love Salman so much, and I will do eveything to be able to meet him. I only see films with Salman Khan and have his pictures all over the apartment, I will give my life to Salman Khan.
    When I think about Salman Khan I am not alone, and want to live more – because I dream and know that one day, I will get the opportunity to meet him, but I need help to tell me how and where I can meet him. ( does he come to Denmark some day or am I going to travel to meet him)
    In Denmark, I am getting help to write a book, about my life from Afghanistan to Denmark, the bad things and the good things – that has happend in my life. My school and I and a writer/actor is helping me with the book.
    I hope very much that you will answer me back on this letter – and help me meet Salman Khan. I went to the municipality and told them I needed help and I told them I’m very lonely, and my onkle beating me megetog I’m all alone in this stupid world, and my uncle, he hit a lot and burned my hands!!!!!!!!!!!
    only had to clean his apartment, and my uncle always told me that he hates me, for his help and I’ve never gotten my uncle love
    municipality hjulpe me out of the sorry uncle and his family to me so I came to Denmark., and now I live in Denmark and I live a lonely life this is my gmail

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