Secret Superstar is BIGGER than Dangal

Aamir Khan is set to be seen as a music teacher in the upcoming Secret Superstar also starring Zaira Wasim! While this film will have the actor in an extended cameo appearance, Aamir Khan has shocked everyone by categorially stating that Secret Superstar will be bigger than Dangal! Yes, that’s right “Dangal was a film that created history with record breaking box office collection and the humongous love and appreciation that it received form all around the world. So it’s very difficult to imagine that Aamir can say this but that’s something he has expressed to his entire team time and again as they gear up for the release of Secret Superstar.” revealed an insider as per reports on HT cafe.

When the actor shared his feeling with his close team members, they were shocked, reason being he went through a massive transformation for the wrestling biopic so it was assumed that Dangal would be his biggest film. This has surely got us excited for Superstar’s release! To think the star is claiming this film to be BIGGER than Dangal. It will definitely be worth a watch!

Apart from Aamir Khan’s big confession, the trailer has us intrigued – Apart from Zaira’s earnest yet touching performance a girl yearning to learn, Aamir Khan’s cheeky avatar has our attention especially the creepy way he flirts with a receptionist. His wacky personality has had everyone talking. It’s a feel good story that reiterates the universal truth – “Dreams do come true.” The film is all set hit theatres this Diwali.


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