Review of Magic Created by Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali – Jab Harry Met Sejal

You have to expect a delightful experience when King of Bollywood ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ and Magician ‘Imtiaz Ali’ come together.

Movie Review:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a great romcom. A good romcom, Yes! Bollywood had plenty off late, be it Badrinath ki Dulhaniya or even Kapoor & Sons (which was exceptional, but not an out and out love story). But what sets a great romcom apart from the others, is when you begin to connect and feel with the characters – almost like you are them for that moment. A great romcom is always layered and gets you thinking, despite being a fairly simple plot. Think about La La Land…
Jab Harry Met Sejal is a great romcom. It is helmed by Imtiaz Ali, who has a poetic way of creating thoughts and weaving them into scenes. And of course, there’s Shah Rukh Khan – The quintessential lover. Despite this being a romcom, this is unlike anything SRK has ever done before.

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Here, playing Harry, he’s not the one chasing love or hoping it comes to him, like his previous films have had him do. Here, he’s avoiding love and emotional attachment. Or as he puts it “mein cheap hoon, cheap!”. He’s quite happy just being alone and indulging in short romantic trysts when he has to. Enter Anushka Sharma, our bubbly Gujju girl – Sejal, who was part of a tour in Europe. Sejal has lost her engagement ring at the hotel and needs to find it. She forces a reluctant Harry to drive her back from the airport, only to realise it isn’t at the hotel but someplace else. Both, Harry and Sejal have their own baggage (figuratively, considering the film does have them carry baggage as they travel through beautiful locations), which unfolds as we set upon their journey. Imtiaz Ali is a master of character development and this film is a prime example of what he can do with a simple storyline too. There are some great moments to look out for, like the prelude before the hit song – ‘Radha’.
As Harry, SRK glides through the role with ease. He is in top form. We see glimpses of the old-school SRK as well as a new, more modern day lover. The music supports the film very well, never slowing down the plot. The melodic Safar starts proceedings.

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The moments are well fleshed out. The only discrepancy is Anushka’s accent as a Gujarati in some places, but those can only be seen if we actually analyse it with that in mind. With Jab Harry Met Sejal, Imtiaz, Anushka and SRK have delivered a breezy romcom which delivers more than their promos have promised. All three of them are in familiar terrain, considering it’s a genre they have excelled in, in the past. They milk the nostalgia quotient well, creating some memorable moments.
‘What you seek is seeking you’… this is a film you should certainly see(k) this weekend. Imtiaz Ali takes you through Europe without having to bear the cost of travel. And who better to guide you and take you through the journey of love and life than Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma!

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Rating: 4.5/5

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