Nikka Zaildar 3 [Punjabi Movie] Bhaag Singh’s spirit is BACK – In cinema from 20. September

It is a story of a landlord family residing in village of Punjab, Bhaag Singh, the head of the family and is an extreme miser, who has three sons. Being a miser, he does not provide his family with a good life, and no one dares anything against him because of his imposing dominating personality. Nikka is Bhaag Singh’s grandson and the opposite of his grandfather. One-day Bhaag Singh dies of shock because his pocket has been picked and he loses his money. During the final rites, Nikka appears possessed and unhappy seeing the expenditure.
One wise old man concludes that this is not Nikka but Bhaag Singh’s spirit is BACK. Then starts a hilarious ride.



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