‘Kabir Singh’: The Story Of A Man Who Lost The Love Of His Life – Premiere 21. June

Most of you already know that Kabir Singh is the remake of super-hit Telugu film Arjun Reddy which came out in 2017 and made the actor Vijay Devarakonda an overnight sensation. While most the Telugu audience already swears by the movie, for the ones who do not know about the story of the film, here is the full story of Arjun Reddy on which Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh is based on.

The story starts in a medical college where Arjun Reddy, a brilliant young man struggling with anger management issues and rampant alcoholism, is serving as the young surgeon. His volatile behavior makes him somewhat a peculiar character of the campus and he mostly brushes off authorities in a wrong way. In fact, things get so bad that Arjun comes almost to the verge of leaving the campus due to his constant outbursts and is generally considered a bully by everyone in the campus.

Want To Know The Story Of Shahid Kapoor’s Upcoming Film Kabir Singh? Find It Here

One day, Arjun meets first-year student Preeti Shetty and instantly falls in love with her. He and his friends declare to the college that Preeti belongs to him and no one should ever even come close to her. Although dazed and scared at first, Preeti soon adjusts to his ways and falls deeply in love with Arjun.

Want To Know The Story Of Shahid Kapoor’s Upcoming Film Kabir Singh? Find It Here

Soon, Arjun moves to Mussourie to pursue his masters and the relationship between the two. One day when Arjun returns to meet Preeti, Preeti’s father sees them kissing and is enraged as Arjun belongs to a different caste.

Want To Know The Story Of Shahid Kapoor’s Upcoming Film Kabir Singh? Find It Here

After the whole episode, Arjun gives Preeti 6 hours to decide if what she wants. However, her parents snatch her phone away and she is unable to contact Arjun. When she finally manages to make her way to his house he finds him in a state of unconsciousness after having injected himself with cocaine. Preeti’s parents marry her off forcibly to another man.

Arjun’s life completely spirals out of control after this. Even though he starts gaining a reputation as a great surgeon, he is feared by everyone around him due to his magnified alcoholism and anger issues. One day, while performing a life-saving operation, Arjun collapses due to dehydration. When his blood samples are checked, traces of alcohol and cocaine is found in it which results in him losing the job and his medical license and he is also evicted from his service apartment.

The very next morning Arjun gets to know that his grandmother has expired and he goes there for the funeral. While in the funeral he meets his father and the reconcile after years of animosity. This helps Arjun to finally cope up with his anger management issues and eventually substance abuse.

Want To Know The Story Of Shahid Kapoor’s Upcoming Film Kabir Singh? Find It Here

After a while, as he is on a vacation he meets Preeti in a park. He is shocked to see her pregnant. He meets her again after coming back from the vacation and Preeti reveals that she left her husband only a few days after her marriage and it actually Arjun’s child that she is pregnant with.  Finally, the lovers unite and Preeti’s father also apologizes for his ways.



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