LAST SHOW ‘Durj’ [Pakistani Movie] is based on three real-life incidents in Pakistan: Premiere on 11 October

The reality behind a hideous crime is yet to be unveiled as a reporter’s wife dives deep within the depths of despair and darkness to seek the truth of her missing husband. Will she find her kidnapped husband?

Revolves around  true events but has its own route to enter the mind of these criminals and know how their unimaginably crooked minds works, as the main character is in love with a thief girl and wants to live with her and make her his accomplice in the crime ,and unfortunately the girl doesn’t know where she is headed with this twisted man on the large. 
The curiosity of why he was released and what that psychotic person would do next, brings the investigative reporter and his colleague into the isolated world of Gul Buksh(Shamoon Abbasi). Within this deranged individual’s world is another person, Laali (SHERRY SHAH), a village girl and a thief that steals to survive off the streets. While pushing her limits to survive and feed her self  by stealing a fish from a store in a village she gets caught by the villagers, and they decide to punish her by shaving her head,  after facing this despair punishment she collides with Gul Baksh who promises the cure to her hunger and  to provide her  with food if she agrees to stay with him, Gul shares his thoughts to live with Laali and have babies and to live together  and makes it clear to Laali that he is in love with her, Laali being an orphan with no place to go and eat, decides to go with Gul Buksh as she expects that he will full fill his promise of feeding her without a hassle, but she was wrong. (FARAH DANYAL) MAIRA KHAN 
Farah is psychiatrist and wife of an investigative journalist (DANYAL) One day she Finds out that her husband left for the mountains to investigate GUL BUKSH alongwith his colleague (Momina Arshad)  but once they left, they never came back. After searching about a month Farah decides to investigate the matter her self. 
FARAH has  doubts that  Danyal and Momina, have been kidnapped by the same  person that they were rooting to investigate, which is Gul Buksh (the cannibal) ,she consults her old school days friend, Advocate NAUMAN(NAUMAN JAVAID) To help her finding out that where her husband can be ,Nauman Informs Farah that one person has been arrested from the exact place where DANYAL went missing ,this information makes Farah want to meet this person GUL BUKSH personally and she decides to infiltrate the place where This person is kept in high security, Knowing that this person is the same person that knows about DANYAL 
Once she reaches in the prison cell, things get out of control and Farah manages to KidnapGUL BUKSH out of the prison cell on a gunpoint. The entire police department comes together as a state of an emergency, and suddenly FARAH is wanted to the police! 
The reporter (DanyalFarah’s husband and his colleague (Momina) go missing when they decide to find Gul Buksh and investigate him about his obsession with digging graves ,but instead of being able to find him first Gul manages to kidnap (Mominathe colleague reporter)which leaves Danyal confused and lost in the mountain where he and a driver try to locate Momina by searching her in every nearby town and villages ,but Danyal remains clueless about Momina’s whereabouts DANYAL decides to stay back and search for Momina and not leave the mountain areas Asp Daud (Dodi Khan) manages to arrest Gul Baksh on suspicion of murder. but is unable to make him talk about DANYAL’S disappearance, 
The anger and despair of a helpless wife/psychologist Farah Danyal (Maira Khan) wanting to find her husband, lands close to Gul Baksh with the help of a resourceful lawyer and a dear friend ADVOCATENoman (Nauman Javaid) to interrogate him for the truth, but Farah had already decided to take things her own hands if Gul doesn’t show cooperation in the investigation about his missing husband  
As she enters into the mind of this psychopath to find the answers, things spin out of control and take her down within the depths of darkness. where it becomes impossible to get the actual answers 
Will Farah Daniyal know the truth? As Gul Baksh weaves the tale of obsession, Laali’s life hangs in the balance, will they be together again? Will Officer Daud bring the accused to pay for his crime? Will they all succeed or will they all fail? 
How important will one man’s tale and a woman’s cry for answers be?The real question is, who will be heard before its too late?



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