Bhoot The Haunted Ship: New teaser of Vicky Kaushal film will give you some serious chills

A poster of Bhoot: The Haunted Ship

A new teaser of Vicky Kaushal and Bhumi Pednekar-starrer Bhoot: The Haunted Ship just dropped. Vicky took to Twitter to share the new video. “Keep the tune on loop, it’s the song of fear!” Vicky tweeted, along with the link of the video.

The teaser opens with Vicky watching a video of a bunch of people gathered to celebrate what looks like a little girl’s birthday, on a portable video recorder. They’ve all gathered around a birthday cake singing the birthday song, and there are decorations all around. Mid-way into the video, Vicky notices the people on the screen turn to him and stare him the eye, as the video abruptly pauses there. Puzzled, Vicky presses the forward and rewind buttons, but in vain.

The very next scene shows Vicky realising that the sound of the birthday song is coming from behind his shoulder, and not from the video. He slowly turns towards the direction of the sound, and there’s a ghost of a little girl standing right next to him.

That scene is chills guaranteed!

Titled Bhoot Scare 2, this video is the second one in a series of videos the makers are releasing to promote the upcoming film. The first one was shared by Vicky a few days ago.

The older clip showed Kaushal stepping into a haunted ship and a not-so-scary ghost of a little girl playing hide and seek.

The trailer of Bhoot: The Haunted Ship was unveiled on February 2, and had introduced Vicky as Prithvi, a survey officer inspecting an abandoned ship. Soon, it is established that abandoned ship is haunted.

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