“Arth” first song ‘Sanwar Dey Khudaya’ is sung by the biggest Legend of all – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Shaan Shahid’s directorial is gaining momentum by the minute. It’s all the more apparent with the release of the film’s first song Sanwar DeyKhudaya, rendered by the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Before anything else, let’s just say that Rahat has redeemed himself from the Sayonee fiasco in Coke Studio 10. His vocals fit the song like a satin glove that glides through whatever it touches, leaving behind a hint of legacy and treasured comfort. Yes, that’s what Sanwar Dey Khudayafeels like!



And you know what, it’s not just desis who’ll get a kick out of it this production, considering Shaan has infused a piece of Hollywood into the flick! His hunger for precision directed him towards Garry Madison – an Oscar-winning colourist who played a key role in making movies like Interstellar and The Avengers stand out visually, in ways inconceivable. Gary  is the colourist for Arth – the Destination and this song’s picturisation is simply proof of the Pakistani film industry soaring beyond the shackles it once was obstructed by.

The romantic musical boasts Sahar Ali Bhagga as its music composer and must I say that Sanwar Dey Khudaya has only skyrocketed public expectations. The song, released today, provides an insight into the multifarious film by capturing heartrending and climactic flashes  and Rahat Sahab’s voice only adds to its picturesque quality.

Arth – The Destination is a reboot of Mahesh Bhatt’s Bollywood original from 1982 and comprises Shaan, Humaima Malick, Mohib Mirza and Uzma Hassan in pivotal roles. The Waar star firmly believes that a romantic musical befits each one of the selected actors featured in the film and I couldn’t agree more.

The inherent motive for doing so was to ensure minimal detachment between the actors’ actual lives and the roles they were enacting in the film. This seems like an attempt to retain a reflection of real life upon cinematic performances, making it all the more larger-than-life.

One aspect of the video that spoke to me particularly was the immaculate chemistry between the characters. The notion of love and longing just grips at you, hooking you onto the script a tad bit more. Like I said, I’m terming Arth 2 ‘higly-anticipated’ for a reason. No wonder Mahesh has been tweeting his admiration for the movie, Shaan and Humaima because they’re indisputably, forces to be reckoned with. Those expressions are inexplicably genuine to say the least.


The all in-your-face emotion that the song exudes made me reminisce the original Arth for a moment. ‘Tum Itna Jo Muska Rahe Ho, Kya Gham Hai Jis Ko Chuppa Rahay Ho’ still tugs at our heartstrings…

A chock-full of sentiment and a stinging ache, the original Arth soon became a cult classic and from the looks of it, Arth 2 isn’t lagging behind at all. Shaan’s Arth might just reform the Pakistani film industry in a way unimaginable.

 Listen to Sanwar De Khudaya here:


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